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ONC BOCES School Library System: OPALS Tutorials

For users of the ONC BOCES School Library System and those interested in learning more.

OPALS Tutorials and Documents

Media Flex is the parent company of Open-source Automated Library System. In the ONC BOCES region 25 school libraries use OPALS. Instructions below were created and shared by Media Flex. 


YouTube Channel: 

Setting Up Circulation Parameters Policies:

Printing Student/User Barcodes:

Adding a Student, Teacher, User to OPALS:

Creating a Bibliography In OPALS:

Adding Library Personnel to OPALS

Reader Ratings/Book Reviews in OPALS:

Deleting Items via Hitlist:

Running Overdues:

Adding Cover Images to Items In OPALS

Importing/Cataloging OPALS eBooks:

Using the MARC Editor to Catalog Items

Cataloging and z-import:

Printing Barcode and Spine Labels:

Merging Bibliographic/MARC Records and Associated Holdings

Adding Additional Copies/Holdings:

Barcode Range and Assignment Table Tool:

Importing Vendor MARC Record Files:

Adding A User (Teacher, Student, etc.) to OPALS:

Creating Topic Walls in OPALS

Pt 1 Editing Home Page:

Pt 2 Editing the Home Page:

Creation and Using Hitlists in OPALS: