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ONC BOCES School Library System: STEAM KITS

For users of the ONC BOCES School Library System and those interested in learning more.


All-in-one tool designed to easily integrate 3D creation into your classroom!

Adapt to any curriculum or lesson plan: students learn by doing, and explore the principles of art and design, STEM, spatial awareness, tactile skills and more, in a fun and engaging way. 

Completely child-safe: perfect for ages 6+, the award-winning Doodler start extrudes plastic that hardens instantly.
The pen has no hot parts, and uses non-toxic, BPA-free 3Doodler start plastic.

Each pack contains:
3Doodler start pens, 1,200 strands of plastic, tech accessories, lesson plans, and classroom materials.

Helpful Links

Lesson Plans | Create with Guided Videos | Tips for Classroom Use | Tips & Tricks for making | 3Doodler App | Case Studies

Bring 3d printing into your library with Lulzbot!

Bee-Bots introduce problem solving and programming to the elementary library!

Students build their own video games with Bloxels!

Circuit Playground Express
Designed to work with! 

The Circuit Playground Express is a powerful microcontroller with built-in sensors, lights and sound. Designed for programmers of all levels, the CPX can be used with Microsoft's MakeCode editor (an easy to use drag and drop web interface), CircuitPython and Arduino IE. The CPE is also designed to run with’s CS Discoveries physical computing unit.

The Circuit Playground Express can be used alone or in conjunction with the Adafruit Crickit for more intricate projects. The CPX kits from the Media Library will allow students to learn the basics of coding and electronics as well as create a wide range of projects from moving Sea Turtle Robots and Soil Moisture Sensors to Music Makers and Light Bots.

Helpful Links

CPX OverviewCrickit Overview | Getting Started with | eBook for Getting Started with CPX | SLS Resource Book

How are robots made... block by block with Cubelets!

Cubelets Lesson Plans

by Cubelets

Meet Your Cubelets Units

The Meet Your Cubelets Units are designed to introduce you and your students to the basic functions of Cubelets. Each age-specific unit is a progression of lessons designed in a student-centered, inquiry-based model.

Introducing Computer Science Unit

The following scope and sequence contains 9 x 45-minute lessons designed for students of all ages to begin associating their Cubelets play with core computer science concepts such as conditional statements, loops, and the value of order and sequence.

Learn programming and robotics with Dash and Dot!


Lesson Plans with Dash and Dot K-8

Wonder League Robotics Competition

Are you an expert with Dash and Dot? Try out for the Wonder League Robotics Competition and put your students to the test!

A programmable robot designed to be a complete STEM teaching resource for coding and robotics education for students from 4 to 16 years of age.

The Edison robot is a powerful, engaging tool for teaching kids computational thinking and computer programming in a hands-on way. Not just a remote-controlled robot, Edison can:

  • Respond to light and sound
  • Follow lines and avoid obstacles
  • Communicate with other Edison robots
  • Connect to other Edison robots and LEGO bricks And so much more! 

Kit contains:
30 Edison programmable robots and 15 EdCreate Edison robot creator’s kits. The EdCreate Edison robot creator kits are a construction system consisting of 115 interlocking building blocks, pegs, gears, and other parts. The individual EdCreate pieces are designed with studs and holes which are compatible with Edison robots and any other LEGO brick compatible building system. The expansion pack contains all the necessary building blocks to make 5 different working robotic models:the EdTank,the EdDigger,the EdRoboClaw,the EdCrane, and the EdPrinter.

Helpful Links

Lesson Plans | Coding with EdScratch | Coding with EdBlocks | Coding with EdPy | EdCreate System

Students experience history and the modern world like never before with Google Expeditions!

VR tours

Teachers and students use mobile devices and VR viewers to virtually explore an art gallery or museum, swim underwater, or navigate outer space, without leaving the classroom.

AR tours

Teachers use mobile devices to bring virtual objects into their classroom so students, using mobile phones, can see and virtually walk around 3D objects as if the objects were physically in the classroom.

Teach beyond your classroom...


Makedo Group ToolKit is a simple-to-use, open-ended system of tools for creative cardboard construction. Build imaginative and useful creations from repurposed everyday cardboard. To be used in collaborative creative environments such as classrooms, maker spaces, and libraries. 360 reusable parts, 12-24 makers, and a tool bag. Warning: Choking Hazard-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.



Makey Makey is an electronic invention kit that turns everyday objects into touchpads and combines them with your computer or the internet. Using the alligator clips attached to any conductive material you can control the keyboard of your computer, such as the space bar, arrow keys and left click of the mouse.Contains (12) Makey Makey boards, Alligator Clips, Long Connector wires, USB Cables, Conductive 6b Pencils and Alligator Clips.

Helpful Links

Educators Guide | Lesson Plans | Project Guides

Find out how Osmo brings STEAM into the classroom.

iPhone/iPad basesMeet Osmo

Osmo enables the iPad and iPhone to merge the power of physical play with the digital advantages of real-time feedback. Playing beyond the screen invites students to collaborate on tables or floors while manipulating tangible game pieces such as number tiles, letter tiles, and coding blocks.

Lesson Plans

Ideal for K - 6 these lesson plans are designed for many subjects, a small sampling is listed below.





Put your students coding to the test with Ozobots!

We make award-winning coding robots for the next generation of creators. Our mission is to prepare kids for a future where they’ll collaborate with robots every day, in ways large and small. Our robots connect physical play with digital technology and can be coded with the OzoBlockly editor or with colors.

Ozobot Lesson Plan Link

Lesson plans developed by grade level K-8 by the Ozobot community.

Stem Problem Solving Kits












See how this amazing SpherO teaches programming!

Use sphere for communicated coding principles with a block oriented JavaScript coding app. 

Squishy Circuits Group and Dough Kit

Squishy Circuits Group and Dough Kit is fun way to explore the basics of electricity. By using conductive and insulating dough, you can create sculptures with embedded lights, motors and buzzers. Students learn that a closed circuit is need in order for electricity to flow from the battery pack to light the bulb. Power comes from a (4) AA battery pack and travels through the conductive dough to provide power to LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), buzzers, or motors. Includes (10) Battery holders, LED Lights, White insulating Dough, Color Conductive Dough, Piezoelectric Buzzers, Fans, Motors and On/Off Switches and (2) boxes of Squishy Dough.


Stop Motion Animation options available for loan from the Media Library -

Stickbot Sets

Create, animate and share. Set up your mobile device on the tripod and start posing the Stikbots and Stikpets any way you want. Each picture taken adds another frame to your animation while the Z Screen lets students digitally transform the backdrop into anything. Easily cut and edit footage to create the sequence you need by using the green screen. Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, storytelling, and imaginative play. Includes Stikbot Studio Pro set includes (3) stikbots (2) tripods, 2 in 1 green and blue screen, (4) iPods, USB Cables and (2) prop boxes. Also contains (3)Hog Wild Stikbot Monster Mystery Capsule Figures, and (8) other solid colored stikbots. Warning: Choking hazard for children 3 years and younger. See also ST 50 HUE ANIMATION STUDIO.

Hue Animation Studio

Use with LEGOS®, clay, stikbots or time-lapse photography. 
Includes: The HUE HD camera, a flexible plug and play USB camera with built-in microphone, Animation software, the HUE Book of Animation, and a CD with videos, sound effects and backdrops.